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Draupadi, out of distress, recalled Lord Krishna and requested help. Master Krishna advised her that on a prior event, when Goddess Parvati had looked for Lord Shiva's direction under comparable conditions, she had been instructed to watch the quick with respect to Karva Chauth. In a few indicators of this legend, Shiva reveals to Parvati the account of Veervati to portray the Karva Chauth quick. Draupadi adhered to the guidelines and watched the quick with every one of its customs. Therefore, the Pandavas could defeat their problems.[34]

A lady named Karva was profoundly given to her significant other. Her extraordinary love and commitment towards him Karva Chauth moon timing gave her shakti (otherworldly power). While washing at a waterway, her significant other was gotten by a crocodile. Karva bound the crocodile with a cotton yarn and solicited Yama (the god from death) to send the crocodile to damnation. Yama won't. Karva undermined to revile Yama and pulverize him. Yama, anxious of being reviled by Pati-vrat (committed) spouse, sent the crocodile to hellfire and favored Karva's significant other with long life. Karva and her better half appreciated numerous long periods of married joy. Right up 'til the present time, Karva Chauth is commended with incredible confidence and conviction.

At the point when Lord Yama came to acquire Satyavan's spirit, Savitri implored him to allow him life. When he cannot, she quit eating and drinking and pursued Yama who diverted her dead spouse. Yama said that she could request some other shelter with the exception of the life of her better half. Savitri asked that she be honored with youngsters. Yama concurred. Being a "'Pati-Vrat'" (gave) spouse, Savitri could never give some other man a chance to be the dad of her kids. Yama was left with no other decision however to reestablish Savitri's

Kartar Singh Bhalla, Let's Know Festivals of India, Star Publications, 2005, ISBN 978-81-7650-165-1, ... 'Karva Chauth' is a custom of fasting celebrated by wedded ladies looking for the life span, ... hitched ladies in the northern and western parts of India, particularly Delhi, Haryana, Rajashtan, Punjab,Jammu ( J&K), Uttar Pradesh, and Mumbai ... eat a little nourishment before dawn and begin the quick ... After the moon rises ... at long last break their quick ...

S. K. Rait, ladies in England: their religious and social convictions and social practices, Trentham Books, 2005, ISBN 978-1-85856-353-4, ... Karva chauth, a quick kept to anchor the long existence of spouses, was mainstream among ladies ...

"Hindus stamp Karva Chauth in Pakistan". Pakistan Daily. 2008-10-17. ... Hindu ladies Friday observed Karva Chauth in the city. The minority organizes diverse capacities in the city to stamp the day where ladies on the whole located the moon and broke their quick ...[permanent dead link]

Kumar, Anu (2007-10-21). "A Hungry Heart". The Washington Post.

Subhashini Aryan, Crafts of Himachal PradeshLiving conventions of India, Mapin, 1993, ISBN 978-0-944142-46-2, ... Karva Chauth, when every wedded lady all around quick a little pot, Karva, is required ...

Anne Mackenzie Pearson, Because it gives me true serenity: ceremonial fasts in the religious existences of Hindu ladies (McGill contemplates ever of), SUNY Press, 1996, ISBN 978-0-7914-3038-5, ... Karva Cauth is by all accounts in western Uttar Pradesh .
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